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Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky
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Introduction: What Got Slinked

Project Trailer from Studio REV- on Vimeo.

Video Halls (or "bibanda") are often no more than small huts where viewers pay a few cents to watch pirated DVDs on diesel-powered television screens. In the majority of villages and towns, they are the only form of popular visual entertainment, reaching millions of Ugandans every month and hundreds of thousands each day—more than television and newspapers put together. "VJs” (or "video jockeys") translate Hollywood actions, Nollywood dramas, Bollywood musicals, cartoons, and porn into the primary local language of Luganda. Acting as translators, stand-up comedians, and carney barkers, VJs thus operate as nodes of distribution to the bibanda.

Video Slink Uganda is a multi-part project that involves translating and burning — "slinking"— 7 experimental videos by contemporary African diasporan artists onto bootleg DVDs and circulated to millions of viewers via Uganda's black market cinema.


Thanks to apex art's Franchise art exhibition prize, the first part of Video Slink Uganda took place in Kampala, Uganda. Additional support was provided by Studio REV- and Tilapia. Next is the second leg of the project — a colorful and hilarious film-based installation that re-imagines the experience of watching these slinked films in bibanda.


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